Grounded Flight 

Deron Essex, Founder

I help people heal their past traumas and reprogram their mind for inner peace, positive thinking, and confidence to unlock their divine version of themselves in 90 days
Are you someone who believes that they were sent down on this planet to fulfill a divine mission to help humanity, but you feel like what you are still carrying from the past and your self-sabotage and negative thinking has you in its grips?

My name is Deron Essex and I help people heal themselves on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level of their beings.  I also help them to complete recreate how they see themselves, by releasing negative and self-sabotaging thoughts patterns  and replace that with 24/7 positive, self-affirming thought patterns  so they can  become their most evolved version of themselves so they can be a bigger conduit to help more souls on this planet

If you're interested in rejecting your old patterns and embracing a new reality for you, your family and your divine mission then click the button below to learn more.
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