The Self Is Not Real
Written by Deron Essex
I know what you are thinking, I was thinking the same thing when I heard it .

Honestly when I heard the statement “ the self isn't real” and I let it marinate, I had an identity crisis. It shook me to the foundation of my core. 

Let me explain what I mean...

One thing everyone has in common with each other is that they have achieved some form of success. They are not the same person that they were before this success. 

The guy who is writing this article, an international entrepreneur with clients all over the world, has a solid foundation of inner peace and confidence in his ability to win and achieve the success he wants in life is not the same person 3 years ago. That guy from 3 years ago was financially unstable, not confident, and a college kid who had no idea what his mission was in life.  

That guy was me, but as I said, I am not that same person. I had to become the person that deserves the inner peace, relationship, and business successes that I have now. 

Whenever we try to grow, we face a battle on two fronts. One is from society and the other one is with ourselves, internally. Society includes our parents, friends, co-workers, and lovers that say “be yourself”, “stick to your roots”, “don't change yourself”.  

All of these seemingly harmless statements actually act as viruses of the mind that keep us stagnant and forever clinging to the self that we and our friends and family know as our typical self. It keeps us from making changes towards getting out of the identity that we have built for ourselves for so long. But that past identity doesn’t serve the future you. 

The second battle is that of an internal battle. When you are reaching for success, you are doing something out of alignment with yourself. Your current self then attacks and wages a war with these new behaviors that you try to do to have a better life. This is why you know what you need to do but just can't do it. Your mind is fighting itself from enacting change, then the fight or flight mechanism kicks in and you feel paralyzed in this identity of yourself that you have made. But it’s not beneficial to you. It’s holding you back from your true potential. 

What does all of this mean? It means that the self isn't real, it is you clinging to an identity built up from stories of the past. It's you saying “ oh I can't do this because I don't get up early, I can't control my emotions because I'm a Cancer, I can't build my business because I'm not techy, I never have enough money, I can never find the right person.” 

What I realized is that the more you cling to these stories, the more you can’t do anything that doesn't align with the stories that run through your head. You are stuck, unable to move onto new, bigger and better things, and a better you. 

So if the self isn't real, and it’s just me clinging to an old identity built from stories of the past then I might as well cling to new and empowering stories about myself that is more in the alignment of who I am becoming or want to become? Right?

I want to challenge you to not think of who you are right now, at this moment. That is referring to yourself as the static unchanging version. I want you to think about you and your life from this point on who you are becoming and want to become. The only thing that stops our progression in life is clinging to stories that no longer serve us and the direction we are going. What stops us is ourselves at the end of the day. We let old stories and identities take control. 

Everyone wants to improve but it is impossible when you don't wanna lose yourself. You have been living your whole life thinking that you are something when you aren't anything. And I don't mean that in a well there is no point in life kind of way. I’m saying that the person that you know yourself to be, you have programmed yourself to be that way, so if you have programmed things that aren’t serving you, you can start to consciously program new things that would serve you and your family. 

If this article resonated with you and you would like to know how to take action on reprogramming yourself then send me a message saying “ I’m ready” and I will set up a time to have an open minded conversation with you to see how I can help. 
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