About Deron Essex
Deron Essex is an spiritual life coach from Chicago, Illinois who went from a depressed, anxious, suicidal college student to an international coach, speaker, and facilitator by the age of 23.

Deron helps his clients in 3 levels 1, they want to complete heal and let go of past unresolved wounds, issues, or traumas. 2 They want to recreate their mindset and belief about themself because they see this is stopping them from getting to the next level. 3, they want o to honor their mission to step out as a coach so I help them set up their business from scratch 

Deron's clients are people from the ages of 18-65 all around the world, of different races, backgrounds, and they all have an unquenchable thirst to grow themselves and are willing to do whatever it takes to become their 2.0 version of themselves.
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